Case Study – Mr Tim Grier

Mr Tim Grier started his thought process by wanting a cornflour blue kitchen which he had seen in a magazine.  He looked around many of the kitchen outlets throughout Northampton and discovered that the kitchen displays were all very similar.  He wanted his kitchen to look good, be functional and have that ‘wow’ factor.

He was recommended to Grand Union Designs through a friend and when he called them up, he was thrilled with the advice, passion and interest in his project from them.  His initial contact was with Phil Watts.  He liked the way Phil worked and was really impressed with the passion and experience that Phil had; not only for the project in hand but his passion for the materials Grand Union used.

Tim’s decision was made when he visited their Showroom and Workshop in Weedon.  It smacked of quality, craftsmanship and passion – very different from the other outlets he’d been to visit.

Phil worked with Tim to understand how he used the space and after a few design amendments, they finally settled on his perfect kitchen.  Tim says ‘Phil has a skilful way of getting you to make the right choice.  He came up with lots of different ideas including knocking some walls out to open the living space.  I really got the feeling that we were working together on the project.’

Phil came up with 4 different designs and in the end, we knocked out about one third of a wall to incorporate the conservatory into the kitchen space.

The design process took about 6 weeks, but once the installation commenced, it took around 4 weeks to complete.  Even when Tim changed his mind about the flooring, it didn’t increase the installation time.

‘One of the best things about the experience was that I could go to the showroom and see my kitchen laid out before it was installed.  This gave me a clear understanding of what it would look like in-situ and I was able to tweak anything that I wanted before it was installed.  It gave me great confidence to know that what I had seen in the design phase became a physical reality before it was installed.’

It took about a week and half to strip the old kitchen out.  The fitters worked as a unit – there were no delays because they were hanging around for an electrician or a plumber, which is sometimes the case on home projects like this.  Every night, the fitters left the place clean and tidy, which I was grateful for. The whole experience was seamless.

‘On completion, they gave me a handmade box of cloths, cleaning materials, and little bottles of the finishes they’ve used on my kitchen so that I can make good any little scuffs or marks that may occur when I’m using it.  I thought that was a lovely little touch.’

‘I have been really impressed with Grand Union Designs and I would thoroughly recommend them.  I got the kitchen that I wanted, without a major upheaval and aggravation. In fact, I would have them back again if I was going to have any other work done in my house’.