NEW! Free Standing

At Grand Union Designs, we have recognised a certain trend in kitchen furniture that has been around in Europe for quite some time.  And now, UK customers can furnish their kitchen with a range of free standing statement pieces that are highly fashionable, very chic, beautifully made and extraordinarily affordable.  The benefits of buying kitchen furniture this way are many:

1.  No down time in fitting – just take delivery of the product and place it where you want to!

2.  Very fashionable pieces that are easily transportable – you can change your kitchen around anytime you like!

3.  Because these items are free standing, you can take them with you when you move.

4.  Extraordinarily good value – you get the best quality without the associated price tag!

5.  Make your kitchen your own by choosing different colours, different handles and different pieces to compliment your personality and lifestyle.

Take a look at our free standing kitchen furniture range below – it will transform the way you think about kitchen design!